Leading Builders Trust TORLYS Smart Floors
TORLYS offers a wide range of Cork, Hardwood, Laminate and Leather flooring suitable for installation in all types of residential and commercial settings. Our latest products include TerraWood, a collection of realistic exotic visuals with unsurpassed quality and Largo, a beautifully styled laminate with 4-side bevelled edges, 8’ long, extra-wide plank that impart elegance and texture to any room. Ask us about these new and exciting options for your flooring needs.
Proven Benefits for Builders
Premium floors. Superior performance.
TORLYS Cork, Hardwood, Laminate, Leather and the newest member of the TORLYS family, TerraWood are high-quality eco-engineered floors: beautiful, long-lasting, and environmentally responsible.
TORLYS Smart Floors minimize environmental impact. For example, TORLYS is able to produce up to 30 times more flooring per tree than conventional hardwood, while maintaining looks and performance. TerraWood, our newest eco-innovation, is a patented, new generation of all-wood flooring that is FSC® Certified, exceptionally hard and durable and a great alternative to hardwood or laminate.
Service and Knowledge.
Professional Flooring Consultants are ready to assist with product knowledge for any project.
Uniclic® Joint Technology.
The integrity of the patented Uniclic® joint technology is part of every TORLYS Smart Floor. Uniclic® provides superior gap resistance, ensuring that floors stay beautiful over time, and also the ability to remove and reinstall floors in a different room.
Easy Renewability.
“Trade Damage”, it happens. But with our Bulldog tool you can rest easy. TORLYS planks or tiles can be easily removed and replaced within minutes, without removing the entire floor or causing further damage.
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